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Edward Heneage Primary Academy

It is our intention to ignite a real love of learning by providing a rich, varied and exciting curriculum that meets the needs of each and every individual.


Our uniform is also an important part of our ethos ensuring all children have a sense of identity and belonging.

Our uniform can be purchased from

The children will need:

  • Blazer with Academy logo.
  • Trousers, skirt or pinafore. Black. Skirts need to be on or just below the knee.  
  • Shirt. Long or short sleeved with straight collar. White.  
  • Shoes. Full shoe with robust sole. Black and polishable.   Boots and trainers are not suitable.
  • Socks/Tight. Black or white.
  • Summer options. Long shorts, Black. 
  • Please note that the blazers are not waterproof so will not serve as coats for the colder, wet weather. A light rain jacket with a hood will be required.

Please write your child's name in all of their belongings.

Footwear should be plain and black, polishable 'school shoes'.  Open toe shoes, trainers (even if black) heels and flip flops are not acceptable.  Children do PE in the hall in bare feet but trainers or plimsolls are needed for outdoor sports and games. 

Jewellery (except a wristwatch and a small stud in pierced ears), nail varnish and make-up are not acceptable. Watches and earrings must be removed for all sporting activities.

Hairstyles which are extreme (unnatural colours, shaved patterns, extensions, sculptures or fancy accessories) are also not acceptable. Children are allowed navy blue bows and ribbons, to complement the uniform but this must be no larger than 8cm.