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Edward Heneage Primary Academy

It is our intention to ignite a real love of learning by providing a rich, varied and exciting curriculum that meets the needs of each and every individual.

Remote Learning - Year 6

 Miss ThompsonMr FreemanMrs ReynoldsMiss Cook

Our teachers are still looking after your children during this lock-down. Each week, we will contact you to check that everything is going well and to see if there is anything else we can do to help. Also, they will be available through Google Classroom, and Class Dojo, marking the children's work and answering questions. Please see a suggested remote learning timetable at the bottom of this page.

If children are self-isolating, there is an expectation that they still complete work daily following the timetable of their class and return ALL work through Google Classroom, so that the teacher can give summary feedback about areas for improvement. If the year group bubble has to close, there is an expectation that children will move to remote learning and continue to follow their timetable.

Each week, we will provide an overview of the work being covered that week (this can also be found on our weekly newsletter on the Remote Learning home page). We will also provide live learning opportunities each week and the timetable for this can be found on the Remote Learning homepage. Please keep a look out for the links which will be posted on Google Classroom and Class Dojo.

If you need to contact us at any point, you can message us on Class Dojo/MCAS or call the school office on 01472 320016.


Week commencing 1st March 2021

In reading, we will be continuing to study the Clockwork text, using our inference skills and thinking about characterisation. In writing, we will be beginning a new unit of work looking at a journey tale, which we will continue to build on once we are all back in class. We will also complete some of our own short writing tasks. Within our science and geography sessions, we will be continuing to look at plants and how these can differ and the lives of people and the population of Brazil. On Friday, we will be ending our home learning with a Spanish themed day!

Just a final reminder to keep joining in our home registration session at 9.30am every morning and to access our 2pm support session if you need any help with your learning. 

Week commencing 22nd February 2021

We will continue our online learning with a set of brand new, exciting topics! In reading, we will be focusing on one of Miss Thompson’s favourite adventure stories: Cogheart. We really hope that you will love the adventures of Malkin as much as we do! For both Years 5 and 6, we will be looking at multiplication and division in maths - we’ll make sure that plenty of concrete resources are available to everyone to support with this. Instead of history, next term we will be moving to geography in which we will be conducting a case study of Brazil and comparing the lives of Brazilians to our own. We will also be gaining a deeper understanding of the life cycles of plants and how these compare to animals in science as well as continuing to expand our knowledge of Christianity in RE. Keep your eyes peeled for more live PE sessions too! Registration at 9:30am will continue as well as the home learning support session at 2:00pm so we hope to see many of you there on Monday 22nd February.

Week commencing 5th February 2021

It was another great week in Years 5 and 6 last week. We saw lots of great learning online and loved seeing the photos that had been submitted via Class Dojo too. A big thank you to both adults and children for all of your hard work. Please keep sending photos of any other activities that you have been doing as we are missing you lots and really do enjoy seeing what you have been up to. We have seen some impressive baking, crafting and Viking drawings this week.

It has been good to see so many of you joining our 9.30am check in each morning; this is a great opportunity for us all to get together and discuss the day’s learning. If you haven’t managed to get online and join in yet, then please do!

Just a reminder that we are also running an optional session at 2pm each day where a member of staff is available to support children with any difficulties they have with their home learning. 

Looking forward to next week, we will be continuing to develop our ideas for our portal stories- planning and writing our own stories. In reading, we will be moving on to look at poetry and exploring the poem ‘The Day the War Came.’ During our afternoon sessions, we will be thinking about our dreams and goals; continuing looking at the life-cycles of different animals; learning about King Ethelred and Viking raids and continuing with our Viking art. 

We hope you have a wonderful week. Please take the time to get away from screens; do something that you enjoy and get yourself outside and active in the fresh air!


Week commencing 1st February 2021

Last week was a great week and we’re really appreciating all the efforts both adults and children are making to ensure that, in these difficult circumstances, learning is still moving forward and most importantly the children are engaging in something other than Minecraft and Roblox. We’ve been really impressed with the how much empathy and concern you are showing for the plight of those people, young and old, who are caught in horrible circumstances and are searching for a new, safe home. Some of you have even been researching how you could help or support refugees which is truly wonderful. I’ve read some great poems based around what is behind the doors of your imagination and I know Miss Thompson is especially pleased to see how involved you are all getting in the Vikings topic (we’ve had some really touching messages in Viking runes and seen some beautifully designed Viking shields.)

Moving forward into this week, we are going to continue to learn about migrants and refugees in reading with all your efforts and knowledge culminating with a letter to our esteemed leader Mr Boris Johnson (the Prime Minister). In writing, you are going to take on the role of a reporter, create a new character and begin the planning of your own portal story which I know you’re all looking forward to. During the afternoons, we’ll be paying a bit more attention to the Anglo-Saxons, studying the life cycle of birds and taking a more detailed look at Christian artefacts.

Don’t forget to register everyday at 9:30 and then there is a second live session at 2pm for any specific questions about work.

We’d also like to see any photos or pictures of anything else you are doing. I can’t stress how important it is to get outside when possible and try and enjoy the beautiful spaces we have around us- we’re really lucky to have all these wonderful places on our doorstep. So, if you’re heading out for a walk on the beach, taking a stroll in any of the parks or walking your dogs in the woods, take some photos or draw a picture and send them in. If you have a recording of your child reading to their sibling send it in too: it’s all good stuff.


Week commencing 25th January 2021

In Y5/6, the children are continuing to produce some impressive pieces of home learning both online and in physical paper packs too. A huge thank you to all of you for persevering with our journey into live learning! It has by no means been a smooth transition but we have certainly made progress this week. This is a great opportunity to remind you that all children are expected to attend virtual registration on Microsoft Teams at 9:30 am to gain feedback from their teachers and get the breakdown for the day’s learning. If there is anything preventing you from accessing this meeting, please contact your child’s teacher who can support you. 

In reading, we will be learning about the turbulent journeys of migrants and refugees whilst, in writing, we are planning a portal to a magical, faraway land. During our afternoons, we’ll be learning about insect life cycles, understanding the key beliefs in Christianity and gaining an insight into the first Viking settlements! Please continue to keep in touch with us if you need any support with home learning and to give us vital feedback to help improve our video lessons for your children. We are also available to support with any online learning queries at 2pm every day on Teams should your child struggle with any of their home learning or Google Classroom in general. Hope you all have a wonderful week and we look forward to engaging with the children every morning at 9:30.


Week commencing 18th January 2021

In Years 5 and 6, we have been so impressed with the children’s hard work and commitment to learning this week. We are sure that this will continue next week with all of the exciting learning we have planned.

In reading, we will be using the skills we’ve practised this week to delve deeper into “The Boy at the Back of the Class” whilst, in writing, we will be continuing to develop our creative skills in poetry writing. We will be building on our existing angles knowledge in maths introducing some worded problems with multiple steps. In addition to all of this, we’ll have the opportunity to explore amphibian life cycles, gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and even travel back in time to Viking England! Hopefully, we’ll still have time to sink our teeth into our sketching techniques, singing practice and throwing and catching skills.

Please continue to keep in touch with us if you need any support with home learning and to give us vital feedback to help improve our video lessons for your children. A huge thank you to all of you for your engagement and support so far!

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