Year 3 Residential to Scarborough

On Monday 27th June, Year 3 went on their first residential trip to Scarborough. Everyone was very excited when they arrived at school. There were a few tears, but these soon stopped once we got going!

After a few hours, we arrived at Scarborough. First of all we visited Scarborough Castle. It was located up an extremely steep hill! There were some amazing views from the castle, but it was a bit windy! Everybody was starving, so we ate our lunch before we looked around. We saw the ruins of an old Roman signal station and looked at some of the artefacts that have been discovered within the castle grounds. Before we left, we visited the castle shop to spend some of our pocket money.


Then we walked down towards the harbour. We sat and watched a parade of children playing a variety of instruments. After that, we walked along the promenade to a cliff lift. We boarded the tram and within a few seconds we had reached the top of the cliff. Our next stop was Peasholm Park. We walked around the park and stopped for a drink. The best bit about the park was when we saw all the squirrels. We couldn’t believe how many there were. We stopped and watched them for ages.


Finally, it was time to head to Thomas Hinderwell Academy. We were greeted by the Principal, Mrs Bland and shown to the hall. This was where we would be sleeping! We unloaded the coach and played in the playground whilst we waited for our tea. We had pizza and salad – yum! It was Mia’s birthday so we even had some birthday cake. Then it was the moment that most of us had been waiting for all day – bed time! We got ready for bed, had a wash and then had a cup of hot chocolate. We climbed into our sleeping bags and that’s when the giggling started. We were meant to go to sleep, but we were having too much fun. Eventually, everybody drifted off to sleep.



By 6 o’clock the next day, most of us had woken up! After a while we were allowed to get up and have breakfast. The academy cook prepared some toast and jam, whilst we ate our cereal. After breakfast we met the Year 3 class at Thomas Hinderwell. We played some games, talked to them and then they showed us around the academy. At 10 am we left the academy and headed to the beach. We had fun playing in the sand for most of the morning. We had a sandcastle making competition and played rounders. After that, we went to the shop to spend the rest of our money. The shop keeper was very kind because he gave us all a piece of rock for free.


Finally, it was time to head back to Grimsby. We boarded the coach and set off. A few of us fell asleep, including the staff! We had a fantastic time on our residential, but it was good to be back home! We can’t wait for our next residential!