Roman Visitors!

On Thursday Year 3 and 4 were greeted by two Roman visitors! We had an amazing day and learnt lots of interesting facts.

We learnt all about the life of a Roman soldier. Two lucky children even got the chance to dress up as one! The armour was very heavy, but it was extremely strong. The Roman soldier proved this with a real sword!!! We discovered that Roman soldiers had to be in the army for at least 25 years. Before they could join, they had to be inspected to make sure that they were fit and complete a 30 day 'beasting', which was some very hard training!

Later on, we learnt about the Britons. They lived in Roundhouses. There was only one room and sometimes the animals lived inside too! There wasn't a toilet in a Roundhouse, you had to dig a hole outside! Roman toilets were much better, however you had to wipe your bum with a sponge in front of 60 other people!! Yuck! The Roundhouses didn't have any windows and your whole family lived with you, including your grandparents. In comparison, Roman villas had over 28 rooms, underfloor heating, windows, a garden (Penstylium) and even the slaves had their own rooms!

Our fun didn't end there....we learnt all about Roman weapons and why the Roman army was so successful. We all got the chance to hold a Roman shield and practise working as a team to defend ourselves against the enemy! This was harder than it looked. 

Overall, it was a great day and we didn't want it to end!