Parent Information

We believe that working closely with parents and carers is the key to enabling the most successful, fully rounded young people.  

Our ‘open door’ policy means that you will always be able to speak with a member of staff at the beginning or end of each day and appointments can be made at other times for more lengthy or confidential discussions. 

To ensure concerns are dealt with quickly please use the following procedure:

  1. Approach your child’s class teacher
  1. If they are not able to resolve your concern it will be passed up to 


the phase leader  (Mrs Carlton Nursery & Reception, Mrs Bensley Y1&2, Miss Muir Y3&4, Mrs Briggs Y5&6)  


a member of our academic support team (Miss Fairless or Mrs Tucker)  


to Mrs Briggs – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENCO)/Assistant Principal         

  1. In the unlikely event that further action is needed this will be referred to Mrs Osborne - Principal, Mrs Routh - Vice Principal or Mrs Briggs – Assistant Principal.     
  1. Administration queries can be raised with the front office. 

Parents and families are regularly invited in to celebrate learning and achievements at events like class assemblies and music performances as well as for various fetes and fayres throughout the year.  

We issue a written report for every child in June and also send home half termly reports to keep you up to date on your child’s learning and behaviour attitudes, current attainment and targets for the following half term.  

There are also opportunities to attend the school on a more formal basis with evenings to discuss your child’s progress and to view their work.

Important Information

Links to the school's Ofsted reports can be found here 

Performance data presented on the Department's School Performance Tables are publicly available here   

Our 2016 - 2017 Data Overview can be found in the document on the left hand side of the page.

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