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Learning With Us

At Edward Heneage, we believe that all children should enjoy an inspiring curriculum which drives all elements of their learning forward.

It is our intention at Edward Heneage Primary Academy to ignite a real love of learning by providing a rich, varied and exciting curriculum that meets the needs of each and every individual. Therefore, we have designed a new, exciting and appealing curriculum based on cross-academy themes.

We are determined to enable the best possible opportunities for our children to attain academic and social excellence.We believe that our curriculum should be rich, varied and engaging as well as deliver the skills, knowledge and understanding needed in a robust and rigorous manner. As such we will plan for real life experiences and will include visits, visitors, and first hand learning experiences wherever possible to bring learning to life for our pupils.

We also believe at Edward Heneage Primary Academy that the interests of the pupils in our school are paramount to a successful curriculum, and as such we will ensure we use the pupil’s voice to guide our planning.



The first David Ross Education Trust Primary Dance Festival was held at Hull City Hall on Friday 14th July 2017. Six primary schools from the David Ross Education Trust took part in what was a spectacular evening attended by nearly 200 parents/careers and the general public.

Watch some of the highlights from the night in the video below: