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Academy Council

Being an academy councillor is a really big responsibility: sorting events out, going to the meetings and sorting people’s worries, but we like helping! That’s why we have an Academy Council.

The Academy Council at Edward Heneage Primary Academy comprises of four House Captains, four Deputy House Captains. They are not elected by their peers but selected by the school due to their commitment and fortitude during their year prior to Year 6. Each member is a role model and younger children can aspire to follow their exemplary behaviour both in and out of the classroom.

The remaining council members are elected by their peers. In each class pupils from Year 1  to Year 6 (ages 5-11 years) are invited to put their names forward should they wish to serve on the Academy Council. 

Pupils deliver a short speech to their peers to present their intentions, they also discuss what they have to offer to the role and how they feel they may proudly represent their class.  A democratic vote follows this process.

Each member is elected using a ballot. 

There are 17 Academy Councillors. The eight House Captains and Deputy House Captains remain in office throughout the school year. The remaining 9 Councillors are subject to re-election at the start of each academic term. 


The Academy Council meets weekly and a different member chairs each meeting.

Minutes are taken and circulated and actions are followed up through members of the Council approaching appropriate staff.

A photograph of each member with a brief description of their election promise is on display in the Academy Council Board.